Confused About Speed Dating Or Online Dating? Let’s See The Real Difference


Nowadays, speed dating and online dating became very popular because it’s very difficult for singles to find perfect partner and they have no patience to spend a whole life with only one possible partner. To find preferable love, speed dating, and online dating is the best way to choose from multiple potential partners during a single event, you can also reject them if it doesn’t match your criteria.

But which is the best choice for you? WorkandPlayaway.Com helps you to choose the right one by briefly list down the pros and cons of speed dating and online dating.

Online Dating:

Multiple Options, Unlimited Time for Conversion

Online dating means you can access hundreds or thousands of options with just a single click. You just create your profile in online dating websites or app and find someone who shares interest to chat with you. There is enough time to know each other in online conversation before you decided to meet. If you hate each other and don’t want to continue conversion, you can avoid talking from the beginning.


  • Online dating gives you access to find nearby matches
  • online daters have full control over who they want to contact.
  • You can have enough information the person before you going to meet
  • Unlimited time to know each other before falling in love.
  • Easily disconnect with person to whom you don’t want to talk


  • There are lots of scammers hunting for the money in dating online
  • Unwanted erotic photos, demeaning compliments and other hazards found in online dating
  • Sometime you feel like time wasting when you are keen to have real dates with some potential match
  • Meeting with a stranger alone is dangerous.

Speed Dating:

Short Meeting, Real Contact

Speed Dating is also called micro-date where the number of couples meet each other and spend some short amount of time usually between 5-7 minutes. The main aim is to impress the women and they are free to talk anything ultimately the goal is to convert casual meeting into a real date. Unlike online dating, you can physically meet your selected partners and see their real face, voice and engage with them in real conversions.

Speed dating is safe because an organizer who actually runs the event will help you if someone getting too clingy or your ex-threatened you. So speed dating is secure because organizer don’t tolerate any kind of harassment during micro-date.


  • you can engage with face to face meeting, so there are no surprises or fake profile photo.
  • You can do multiple micro-dates right after one another
  • Speed dating is safe and secure as there is no threatened and harassment


  • There is no sufficient time to make a connection with each other
  • Sometimes you meet with the same people in multiple events
  • you’ll never know to whom you rank better among the other contestants
  • unfruitful conversation between the couple don’t have a chemistry

Which is Better?

To choose one option really better than the other, it’s up to you for finding the love of your life by online dating or speed dating. Each one has their own pros and cons, as far as safety goes –speed dating is preferable. As far as multiple access goes online dating is preferable. Speed dating is really fun and enjoying way to build potential connections. In online dating you can access multiple people under the roof. Neither option replaces the unique advantages the other provides.

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