Flirting: An Art to Conquer Online Dating


Online Dating is not an easy game as it has to be played online, first impression is the last impression whether it is a physical approach or a digital approach. A person feels shy and nervous in both the scenarios here comes the role of “flirting casually” on online dating platforms “The key to one’s heart are the words wisely used while texting.”

Flirting is healthy for body and mind it helps to know other person’s thinking well in advance and a comfort zone is created among the two people chatting online. Flirting helps to crack jokes, create sarcasm, and ease out the awkwardness between two people. Flirting generates more interest in online dating.

Here are some Flirting Tips which will help you converse online

Emoticons Play It Casual

Emoji’s make the mood lighter and funnier, it makes a person’s image look “happy go lucky” and brings out funny reactions that make the other person laugh hard.

Converse Smartly

The conversation has to be started by asking questions regarding favorite places or hobbies or a photo of her on social media or make a joke about her profile. Do not talk about yourself too much let the other person speak make the conversation fruitful by starting it on a lighter note and a playful manner. Avoid yes or no questions and be quirky in your conversation.

Common Interests, a Sure Win! 

While conversing you will surely find something in common with each other, converse often on that topic to get a more realistic picture of the person’s personality. Show some sense of humor while talking about the interest by sending in some videos and articles related to it.

Compliments Are Always Welcomed 

To swirl some romance in the air compliments are the best to express your feelings and make the other person know a special quality about him. Compliments are welcomed positively and with an open heart for every individual. It creates a good impact on one’s character and is the smartest move one can win the conversation on online dating.

Leave Something For Next Time 

Your conversations should be simple, short and sweet with a pinch of flirtiness attached to it at the end. Save something for the next time you get online, be a challenging person and make him/her do the research on wowing you off!! by his skills. Do not be an easy catch online, be a piece of cake that anyone would love to die for. Smartly leave the conversation at a point where to know more about it one has to come online to chat with the other person.

Ask Your Chance Out…Seal the Date 

Only conversing sitting on the other side of the screen won’t help successful dating, for that you will have to ask out on a date before things get boring in the conversation and before someone else makes his move. To know a person physically is also very important it builds a trust in your personality and makes a difference in online dating. is a place for online dating a platform for workaholic people to date in close proximity of their workplace and mingle around with “casual dates.

Log in now…It’s for free…And ask your chance out!

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